Our “Gentile Trilobata del Piemonte” hazel is the variety famous for its great qualities.

Rich in flavor, donated by the “red” earth soaked in minerals, unique for its antioxidant properties and for the large amount of vitamin E.

It is particularly rich in lipids made up of 40% monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid (the same fatty acid present in extra virgin olive oil).

A regular consumption of hazelnuts allows to keep the “bad cholesterol” at low levels in the blood, raising the level of the so-called “good cholesterol”, thus protecting our cell membranes.

Hazelnut is the variety of dried fruit that contains the most important amount of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that fights the action of free radicals by slowing the aging of tissues.

The denomination Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P. indicates the variety of hazelnut Tonda Gentile Trilobata planted and produced.

This hazelnut differs from all others due to its structural characteristics. In fact, it has a much harder and completely saturated shell that allows a good yield even after shelling.

It is appreciated by the confectionery industry for its spherical shape, good shelf life, high peelability and its fabulous aroma after roasting.

The history of its cultivation is closely linked to the confectionery industry and in particular to the discovery of Gianduja, a fine blend of cocoa and hazelnuts.

Following the commercial blockade with the British industry imposed by Napoleon, the Pastry chefs of Turin began to substitute part of cocoa with Nocciola Tonda Gentile, thus inventing a new blend of cocoa and hazelnuts that soon spread and took the name of Gianduja.

For all these reasons, the Piedmont Hazelnut is universally recognized as the best in the world and since 1993 the Piedmont Hazelnut Consortium has the purpose of promoting and protecting this precious raw material, at the service of pastry chefs, ice cream makers and all consumers.